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LUBBOCK, TX (April 27, 2020) – A shocking 22.5% of children in Texas were food insecure before COVID-19, despite supports like the National School Lunch Program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), and an area food bank. Now, many more children have even less access to food.

To increase awareness of this concern, CHILDREN AT RISK has developed maps that reveal neighborhoods in Lubbock County that are grappling with food insecurity.

“COVID-19 has burdened Texas families in so many ways,” said Dr. Bob Sanborn, president and CEO of CHILDREN AT RISK. “From school closures to lost jobs, and now limited or no access to food, our children are suffering tremendously, and many may never get back to normal.”

The maps in the attached pdf below show neighborhoods with the highest concentration of social vulnerability and students who qualify for free or reduced-cost meals. With the coronavirus pandemic, children no longer have access to school breakfast and lunch programs because schools are closed, which means they are likely only eating one meal a day. Parents are even more stressed due to minimal or lost wages and limited transportation options, decreasing their access to free food resources such as food pantries and food banks.

When you add food insecurity to online learning you get a double whammy for children. Many communities with high food insecurity also lack computers/internet access. We must shed light on these communities to ensure alternative learning solutions are delivered to these children so they keep up with schoolwork and not fall behind their peers. See maps in attached pdf.

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