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NPNA Applauds Congress for Confirming President-Elect Biden’s Election Results After Violent Assault

Nicole Melaku, executive director for the National Partnership for New Americans, released the following statement today regarding Congress' confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden's electoral results, despite attempts to overturn the 2020 Presidential election results and a violent assault on the Capitol that resulted in the deaths of at least for people: "Yesterday's violent events were a result of four years of racism and authoritarianism at the White House and the deadly effect of national politics that seeks to divide rather than unite us. They also represent the extremes to which Donald Trump will go to undermine a peaceful and democratic transition, and underscore the urgent need for accountability. We applaud the members of Congress who took part in this historic rejection of undemocratic efforts to reverse the American people's will. Majorities in both houses of Congress joined the U.S. Supreme Court and dozens of lower courts that have dismissed these unfounded claims of fraud, which were part of a baseless attempt to overturn valid election results. With this confirmation, Congress has reaffirmed American voters' power, including the power of an influential and growing coalition of voters of color and millions of naturalized citizens who turned out in record numbers and cast decisive votes in the 2020 general election. Now that the 2020 election has formally ended and a new administration and Congress is set to be sworn in, it is time to turn the page and ensure that yesterday's violence never happens again. We need to roll up our sleeves and get to work on including New Americans in our social, economic, and political fabric by reversing disastrous Trump-era policies and paving a new path for our nation that ensures justice and dignity for all. Among the changes we seek are inclusive and just immigration reform, a commitment to providing relief for all, and a steadfast administrative agenda. We must also continue working towards the passage of the New Deal for New Americans Act, which would help create a society in which we can all thrive by welcoming refugees; expanding access to citizenship; investing in workforce development, English-language and legal services programs; and create a National Office of New Americans."



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