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Statement on El Paso from Lydia Camarillo, SVREP President

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) stands with the families who lost loved ones, and all the families in El Paso, Texas. SVREP demands immediate action from Congress. We call on Congress to stop future massacres and attacks on the Latino community. We call on Congress to pass stunting legislation to block the domestic war against the Latino community.

SVREP further calls on the President to halt racists attacks on the Latino community, and that he stops using “invasion” and other derogatory comments with respect to the Latino and immigrant communities.

The El Paso massacre is the largest attack on the Latino community in modern times. It is a personal attack instigated by the anti-Latino, anti-immigrant, racists, fascists rhetoric at the highest level of our nation’s government. Xenophobic public policy, and “Zero-Tolerance”, policies are both terrorizing families, undocumented persons and US citizens alike.

El Paso, my birthplace, as well as where I grew up, is not only a Latino stronghold, it is an example that two different cultures can come together and coexist. It is a Latino community!

SVREP stands with people of El Paso as we mourn the deadliest attack on the Latino community with evil malice. SVREP extends our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones and the communities in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio and Gilroy, California.

SVREP will organize against any anti-Latino, anti-immigrant at the ballot box, in the halls of congress, and on the streets.

Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) is the largest and oldest 501c3 of its kind. We at SVREP work to empower the Latino community and other ethnic communities through our mobilization efforts. Since opening its doors in 1974, SVREP has registered 2.7 million Latinos to vote, trained 150,000 Latino leaders and won 210 voting rights lawsuits.

Posted by Latino Lubbock Magazine Digital Media

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