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Upcoming Key Dates on Immigration

And welcome to the first, 2018 edition of Noorani's Notes. Hope you had a little time off. Especially because the next few weeks are going to be...hectic on the immigration front. Buckle up.

An op-ed I wrote in USA Today: "On immigration, Trump is positioned to do what Obama and Bush couldn't"

Here are some key dates to keep in mind:

  • January 8th - DHS must decide whether, or not, to extend Temporary Protected Status for roughly 195,000 people from El Salvador by January 8th. No matter what happens, congress will face increased pressured to find a legislative solution for TPS recipients.

  • January 19th - the next government funding deadline; which is why both parties on Capitol Hill are being pressed by Dreamers and allies to fold a legislative fix into a spending agreement. A few days ago, the President weighed in with not a lot of nuance: "no DACA without the desperately needed WALL..."

  • March 5th - without action from Congress, the Trump administration will end DACA on March 5th. Until then, 122 DACA recipients will lose protection each day.

  • December 31st, 2020 - when the Census Bureau delivers its apportionment counts to the White House.

And we learned a few days ago that DOJ asked the Census Bureau to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census form. Why? To scare immigrants into not responding, which will make them less-represented in redistricting. (Think about the impact on local funding formulas down the line where we see the fastest growth in the immigrant population.)

And in case you missed it, the Canadian's innovation economy received some welcome news: DHS is considering preventing H-1B visa extensions to those with green cards that are pending. This could impact hundreds of thousands of foreign-born tech workers (not to mention some of the most iconic American tech companies, and younger startups).

Thanks for reading,


Ali Noorani is the Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, an advocacy organization promoting the value of immigrants and immigration.

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