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NALEO Applauds Federal Court for Blocking Implementation of Key Provisions of SB 4 Law in Texas

Implementation of SB 4 would result in deep and lasting scars for millions of Latinos and immigrants living in the heart of Texas

Washington, D.C. – The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) today issued a statement following U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia’s decision to temporarily halt implementation of key provisions of the SB 4 law in Texas: “NALEO is pleased to see that the harmful and anti-immigrant SB 4 legislation that was passed by the Texas State legislature and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott has been blocked from moving forward. “Enforcement of the SB 4 law would have a chilling effect throughout the state, resulting in a climate that runs contrary to the ideals the Lone Star State strives to uphold and creating a culture of fear and mistrust that would pit Texans against Texans. “As noted by Judge Garcia, implementation of provisions of the SB 4 law would ‘erode public trust’, ‘make many communities and neighborhoods less safe’, and ‘create a real danger of arbitrary and discriminatory enforcement’. This kind of dangerous and draconian law is simply unacceptable to the majority of Texas and Americans, and it has no place in a just and modern society. “While we are far from the end of this legal battle, Judge Garcia’s decision is a strong first step toward preventing a law that never should have passed from being enforced. We remain committed to working side-by-side with our NALEO members and elected officials as we fight the good fight and push back against racially motivated and discriminatory laws like SB 4 that aim to divide us instead of unite us. “NALEO deeply appreciates the efforts of the plaintiffs and their attorneys in challenging SB 4. With both the executive and legislative branches of government working to enact the discriminatory and harmful SB 4 law, it is a hallmark of our democracy and system of checks and balances that the judicial branch ruled in favor of justice. “Laws like SB 4 are a significant threat to the values and ideals that Texans and Americans strive to uphold, and they cannot be allowed to stand. Latinos deserve better, the state of Texas deserves better, and the nation deserves better.”

Posted courtesy of Latino Lubbock Magazine News

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