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Lubbock ISD Kickoff Classic Begins Today

The Lubbock ISD Athletic Department is hosting the 2018 Kickoff Classic soccer tournament beginning, Thurs. Jan. 11.

The event is a 35-team tournament with 16 varsity girls teams, nine junior varsity girls team and nine varsity boys teams. No championship games will be scheduled; pool champions will be awarded at the end of the tournament.

The full schedule of game times and locations are attached. For more information, please contact the Lubbock ISD Athletic Department at 219-0100.

2018 Kickoff Classic Tournament Schedule



CHS vs. PermianEHS vs CaprockLHS vs. Palo DuroMidland vs. AmarilloFrenship vs. CHS12

CHS vs. PermianCooper Vs. CanyonLHS vs. OdessaMHS vs. EHSEHS vs. MHS2

Permian vs. AmarilloOPENLHS vs. OdessaMHS vs. EHSOPEN4

Amarillo vs. PermianRichardson vs. CanyonJefferson vs. CooperMHS vs. BurlesonCHS vs Hanks6

Socorro vs.CHSPalo Duro vs. BelAirLHS vs. CanutilloMHS vs. BurlesonCaprock vs. Hanks8



Socorro vs. MidlandEHS vs. BurlesonLHS vs. RichardsonMHS vs. Palo DuroHanks vs. Frenship9

CHS vs. AmarilloEHS vs. BurlesonLHS vs. CooperJefferson vs. OdessaCHS vs. BelAir11

CHS vs. AmarilloEHS vs. CanutilloCanyon vs. LHSMHS vs. OdessaPalo Duro vs. Hanks1

Permian Vs. RichardsonFrenship vs. LHSMidland vs. CooperMHS vs. CaprockHanks vs. EHS3

Amarillo vs. BurlesonCanyon vs. JeffersonCooper vs. Odessa MHS vs. CanutilloBel Air vs EHS5

Caprock vs. BurlesonCooper vs. Odessa Amarillo vs. SocorroMHS vs. Hanks7



CHS vs. MHSCanutillo vs. FrenshipLHS vs. JeffersonCooper vs. PermianLHS vs. Bel Air9

Odessa vs. RichardsonEHS vs CHSLHS vs. EHSPermian vs. SocorroBurleson vs. Hanks11

CHS vs. Midland MHS vs. Hanks1

Red = Varsity Girls

Green = JV Girls

Black = Varsity Boys

2018 Kickoff Classic Tournament Locations

THURSDAY, 1/11/2018

DateTimeSchool NameSportTeamLevelOpponentLocVenue Name

1/11TBACoronado Soccer(M)CoronadoVarsityKick Off ClassicHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/1112:00PMCoronado Soccer(F)CoronadoJVPermianHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/112:00PMCoronado Soccer(F)CoronadoVarsityPermianHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/118:00PMCoronado Soccer(F)CoronadoVarsityEP SocorroHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/1112:00PMEstacado Soccer(F)EstacadoVarsityCaprockHomeEstacado Field

1/112:00PMEstacado Soccer(F)EstacadoJVMontereyAwayMonterey High School

1/112:00PMEstacado Soccer(M)EstacadoVarsityMontereyAwayPCP

1/114:00PMEstacado Soccer(F)EstacadoVarsityMontereyAwayMonterey High School

1/1112:00AMLubbock Soccer(M)Lubbock HighVarsityPalo DuroHomeChapman Field

1/112:00PMLubbock Soccer(F)Lubbock HighJVOdessaHomeChapman Field

1/114:00PMLubbock Soccer(F)Lubbock HighVarsityOdessaHomeChapman Field

1/118:00PMLubbock Soccer(M)Lubbock HighVarsityCanutilloHomeChapman Field

1/112:00PMMonterey Soccer(F)MontereyJVEstacado High SchoolHomeMonterey Field

1/112:00PMMonterey Soccer(M)MontereyVarsityEstacadoHomePCP

1/114:00PMMonterey Soccer(F)MontereyVarsityEstacado High SchoolHomeMonterey Field

1/116:00PMMonterey Soccer(F)MontereyJVBurleson High SchoolHomeMonterey Field

1/118:00PMMonterey Soccer(F)MontereyVarsityBurleson High SchoolHomeMonterey Field

FRIDAY, 1/12/2018

DateTimeSchool NameSportTeamLevelOpponentLocVenue Name

1/12TBACoronado Soccer(M)CoronadoVarsityKick Off ClassicHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/1211:00AMCoronado Soccer(F)CoronadoVarsityAmarilloHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/121:00PMCoronado Soccer(F)CoronadoJVAmarilloHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/129:00AMEstacado Soccer(F)EstacadoJVBurlesonHomeEstacado Field

1/1211:00AMEstacado Soccer(F)EstacadoVarsityBurlesonHomeEstacado Field

1/121:00PMEstacado Soccer(M)EstacadoVarsityCanutilloHomeEstacado Field

1/123:00PMEstacado Soccer(F)EstacadoVarsityEP HanksAwayPCP

1/125:00PMEstacado Soccer(M)EstacadoVarsityEP Bel AirAwayPCP

1/129:00AMLubbock Soccer(F)Lubbock HighVarsityRichardsonHomeChapman Field

1/1211:00AMLubbock Soccer(F)Lubbock HighJVCooperHomeChapman Field

1/121:00PMLubbock Soccer(F)Lubbock HighVarsityCanyonAwayChapman Field

1/123:00PMLubbock Soccer(M)Lubbock HighVarsityFrenshipAwayEstacado High School

1/129:00AMMonterey Soccer(M)MontereyVarsityPalo DuroHomeMonterey Field

1/121:00PMMonterey Soccer(F)MontereyJVOdessa High SchoolHomeMonterey Field

1/123:00PMMonterey Soccer(F)MontereyVarsityCaprock High SchoolHomeMonterey Field

1/125:00PMMonterey Soccer(M)MontereyVarsityCanutilloHomeMonterey Field

1/127:00PMMonterey Soccer(F)MontereyVarsityEl Paso HanksHomePCP

SATURDAY, 1/13/2018

DateTimeSchool NameSportTeamLevelOpponentLocVenue Name

1/13TBACoronado Soccer(M)CoronadoVarsityKick Off ClassicHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/139:00AMCoronado Soccer(F)CoronadoJVOdessaHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/131:00PMCoronado Soccer(F)CoronadoVarsityMidland HighHomeWillie McCool Track/Field

1/1311:00AMEstacado Soccer(F)EstacadoJVLubbock HighAwayLubbock High School

1/1311:00AMEstacado Soccer(M)EstacadoVarsityCoronadoHomeEstacado Field

1/139:00AMLubbock Soccer(F)Lubbock HighVarsityJeffersonHomeChapman Field

1/139:00AMLubbock Soccer(M)Lubbock HighVarsityBel AirHomePCP

1/1311:00AMLubbock Soccer(F)Lubbock HighJVEHSHomeChapman Field

1/139:00AMMonterey Soccer(F)MontereyJVCoronado High SchoolAwayCoronado High School

1/131:00PMMonterey Soccer(M)MontereyVarsityE.P. HanksHomePCP

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