On the Cover

"Juntos - Together"

Vol. 14, Issue 5, May 2020

Cover by

Christy Martinez-Garcia

On this month's cover, I purposely chose shaking hands (mano a mano) powerfully displaying words spoken that reflect the emotions of our community to get us through COVID-19. In reflecting past tragedies, wars, and battles it was our nation coming together that resulted in overcoming whatever hardship we faced as the USA. Now more than ever, we must project a sense of community that in the toughest of times we've had to implore for our country. We all know that by working together our community, our families, our citizens will get through this pandemic - but we must cooperate, communicate, respect, include, help, and above all, unite!


Out of an abundance of caution and to do our part in mitigating the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19, Latino Lubbock Magazine continues to play it by ear.  We're still working from home to assure that we practice the necessary social distancing needed to prevent being exposed to this pandemic.

Many of our distribution points are still closed so, we're still on a limited distribution list but we areon stands and you can preview online.

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