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"Los Reyes Magos"

Vol. 16, Issue 1,

January 2022

Design by Christy Martinez-Garcia

This month's cover features the Three Wise Men and the Baby Jesus, along with symbols of the celebration many Latinos have on Jan. 6th. Among the pictures included are those that are a part of my family's celebration - the Rosca de Reyes, bunuelos, tamales, menudo y poncho. In addition, I included grapes that we eat on New Year's Eve and rice that my family and I throw on our house for prosperity. I also include candles in honor of Jesus - the Light of the World. The star anise is symbolic - soon we will prepare for the Lenten season. I delicately placed the #16 in the clouds as we observance our 16th year. See if you can find the Virgen de Guadalupe who is always included on the cover.

On behalf of Latino Lubbock Magazine, we wish you all the best in 2022! We appreciate your friendship and support and reading our publication monthly, as well as participating in the events and programs sponsored, or organized by Latino Lubbock Magazine.

As the year comes to an end, we reminisce on all of the great things that have been brought to us including you.

Continued blessings to you and your family! ¡Bendiciones continuas para usted y su familia!


Enjoy the cover and again, on behalf of Latino Lubbock Magazine, we wish you a Happy New Year y Prospero Año!

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