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On the Cover

"He is the Light of the World!"

Vol. 13, Issue 12, December 2019

Cover by

Christy Martinez-Garcia

This month's December cover of Latino Lubbock Magazine is candlelight depicting the Light of the World - Jesus and his goodness. And each day, the sun rises to warm, illuminate, and provide growth on earth. The moon and stars light the night. We reach for the light-switch when we enter a dark room, and we depend on our accumulation of knowledge to shed light on our lives. Light permeates into every crack and crevice of our lives and beings, whether visible, tangible regarding warmth, or metaphorically enlightening. Light is required for any vegetation to grow, and the light clarifies the human spirit. Most important, Christ was present at the creation of the world. He is the Light of the World.

In the December issue, we share info about Día  de la Virgen, and some of the Christmas celebrations occurring around the community. We offer stories about Pancho Clos and upcoming activities, info about knowing the difference between the flu or cold - and how to avoid it! And so much more!


Congratulations to our Publisher,

Christy Martinez-Garcia,

National Latina Publisher of the Year by NAHP!