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"Mi Familia"

by Christy Martinez-Garcia

Vol. 16, Issue 9,

September/septiembre 2022


This month's cover reflects tile-like family unity as we embark on Hispanic Heritage Month. Ask any Latino/Hispanic what's important to them and they will tell you faith, family, and community! Hispanics are about protecting the sanctity of family - and that's why they take issues being left off the radar, the media, etc. We are a community of 62.1 million strong, so don't leave us out. In Lubbock county Hispanics make up 67% of the population; in the city, 36% of the population; 62% of Lubbock ISD enrollment - the implication is don't overlook, exclude, or forget us! Collectively, Hispanics are stronger - especially during elections and when facing issues. That's why every voice matters, and every vote matters. We must band together to achieve our dreams and our future. With that, let the celebration begin! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! ¡Feliz mes de la Herencia Hispana! 

Continued blessings to you and your family! ¡Bendiciones continuas para usted y su familia!


Enjoy the cover and the September content of Latino Lubbock Magazine!!

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