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On the Cover

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"Happy 4th of July"

Summertime Fun

Cover by Christy Martinez-Garcia

Vol. 18, Issue 7,

July/julio 2024

Enjoy the July 2024, Volume 18th issue on behalf of Latino Lubbock Magazine!

This month's July cover celebrates America's birthday with a cool raspa (snowcone). Since July 4, 1776, this nation of immigrants, honor our country's founders who declared independence from Great Britain. We are guaranteed certain rights for freedoms we proudly live. And as we enjoy the freedoms and the simple pleasures like a snowcone, let us not forget the men and women defending our country. Our country is like a family: Everyone has to pitch in or it doesn't work. As members of the U.S. "family" — in other words, as citizens — we all have certain responsibilities, like going to school, voting, and obeying the law. Let us pray for our country which has always been great and that we continue to enjoy the celebrations and the summer days with no worries. With that, I wish us a Happy Birthday America, feliz cumpleaños América! 


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