Specialty Ads


Small - Message with photo = $50

Medium - Message with photo = $75

Large - Message with photo +$100


Anniversary & Wedding Announcement

Anniversary and wedding announcement include a photo, the couple's name, the number of year's married, and the wedding date and year. $25

Birthday Announcement

Submit a birthday message for your special loved one or friend. 

$25 or $50 - based on number of words

Select the ad type, complete your contact info and ad order, scroll down to complete the payment.

Please note: The order will not be completed until payment is made. 

$50 Birthday (Medium)

$25 Anniversary

$25 Birthday (Small)

$50 Memoriam (Small)

$75 Memoriam (Medium)

$100 Memoriam (Large)

$175 B/C  Graduation Ad

$285 1/8 Graduation Ad 

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