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Corazón Latino Shares President Biden’s SOTU Call for Unity

President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union Address before Congress tonight. Felipe Benitez, Executive Director of Corazón Latino, issued the following statement:

"Over the past year, Americans have overcome extraordinary challenges. However, with President Biden at the helm, we have begun to build a compelling future for our country through courage, resilience, and a shared vision for a better tomorrow.

“The Biden administration has spent much of the past year rebuilding the country alongside the American people. We have much more work to do to heal the damage wrought by the pandemic and the hate in our country. And, with Russia's incursion into Ukraine, the president has his work cut out for him. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people.

“President Biden acknowledged our current cultural rifts but encouraged continued solidarity, "Let us stop seeing each other as enemies, and start seeing each other for who we are: fellow Americans."

"Corazón Latino is proud to join in this national effort to commit to supporting one another and expanding fairness and opportunity for all. We design our programs to serve nature, and we strive to connect people of all backgrounds to our Madre Tierra. We are working to advance climate justice. We have been quick to bolster vaccine outreach efforts to bridge racial health gaps. And we have undertaken numerous COVID and public health projects that ensure better living conditions for our most vulnerable communities.

"Coming together as one country and one people is crucial to confronting the challenges that face our nation. As President Biden stated in his opening remarks tonight, "Light will win over darkness."


Corazón Latino is a national non-profit organization that seeks to generate social, environmental, and conservation initiatives that foster natural resource stewardship. Corazón Latino mobilizes the passion, love, unity, solidarity, and resources of individuals, communities, organizations, and government entities to advance the common good. Visit us at


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