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It’s National Responsible Pet Owner’s Month, Fusion Gates Helps You Take Care of Your New Pup


Feb. is National Responsible Pet Owner’s Month and whether you are getting a puppy from a respectable breeder or a rescue from the local shelter, there are some basic elements to being a responsible fur parent. Your life will be easier as will that of your new pet.


Consider the breed carefully


Are you an active family? Do you like to be outdoors a lot, hiking or running? Or do you prefer to ride the sofa? Do you have a fenced in yard or are you an apartment dweller? Do you mind dog hair everywhere or is there someone in your home with mild allergies? There are a lot of considerations when choosing a breed of dog that would be suitable for your family.


For example, a large dog might not be suitable for a small apartment but would be fine if you have a large fenced in yard it could play i