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Call for Special Session Raises Concerns Among Educators

AUSTIN, Texas —Texas Governor Greg Abbott released his plans for a special legislative session that would begin July 18. The Association of Texas Professional Educators (ATPE) is concerned that several education-related issues on the governor’s agenda could hurt Texas public schools, despite the governor’s support for raising teacher pay.

“Texas educators have dedicated their lives to teaching our state’s future generations, and a pay raise is certainly needed in light of rising healthcare costs,” ATPE Executive Director Gary Godsey said. “Our concerns are with the governor proposing a raise without providing fundin

g. He’s suggesting districts find the money within their existing budgets, which could mean cuts to school programming, increases in class sizes, cuts to teachers’ benefits, or even staff layoffs. This isn’t fair to the students, the teachers, or the school district.”

ATPE is urging legislators to support public schools by providing adequate funding, opposing a voucher program that would funnel tax dollars to unregulated private schools, and opposing an anti-educator bill that would prevent teachers from voluntarily paying for their professional organization membership dues through payroll deduction.

Posted courtesy of Latino Lubbock Magazine. Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.

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