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Community Foundation of West Texas Receives a Grant for Mini Grants for Teachers Program

Lubbock, TX - The Community Foundation of West Texas has received a grant from the Lubbock Lions Club for the Mini Grants for Teachers program. Today there is an emphasis on promoting excellence in higher education but limited private support for educational initiatives in the earlier grades. Teachers with good ideas to improve their academic curriculum often have no discretionary funds to do so. Mini Grants for Teachers provides a way to channel private support directly to teachers to implement creative classroom projects.

Since its inception, Mini-Grants for Teachers has funded 516 teachers for 498 innovative projects in 19 South Plains school districts, providing active and enriched learning opportunities which research shows improves instruction and increases retention rates. Last year, more than 4,000 students benefited from Mini-Grants for Teachers, and many more will continue to benefit from last year’s grants in future years, as most of the projects are replicable. All teachers in accredited public and private school in this area are invited to apply by the deadline of June 15, 2017. All the information can be found at under Mini Grants for Teachers, or call 806-762-8061.

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